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Nail File Blocks Double-Sided by SKINDELUX

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Nail File Blocks Double-Sided by SKINDELUX

Elevate your nail care routine to salon standards with our double-sided nail file blocks, the ultimate tool for achieving flawless, professional-looking nails at home.

Unleash the Power of Dual-Grit Design:

  • Effortless Shaping and Refining: Tackle tough nails with the coarse (S100) side, effectively shaping and refining your manicure.

  • Smoothness and Polish Perfection: Achieve a salon-worthy finish with the fine (S80) side, smoothing away imperfections and leaving your nails with a dazzling shine.

Experience the Benefits of Durable Sandpaper:

  • Long-Lasting Performance: Our high-quality sandpaper ensures exceptional filing power and durability, even with regular use.

  • Gentle on Nails: The unique foam layer beneath the sandpaper provides cushioning and prevents over-filing, protecting your delicate nails.

Versatility for Every Nail Need:

  • Natural Nails: Shape and smooth your natural nails for a healthy, polished look.

  • False Nails: File and refine false nails to achieve a seamless blend with your natural nails.

  • Nail Extensions: Perfect the edges and contours of your nail extensions for a professional finish.

Embrace Salon-Worthy Results:

  • Shape with Precision: Use the coarse side to sculpt your nails into your desired shape, removing ridges and imperfections.

  • Polish with Finesse: Refine your manicure with the fine side, creating a smooth, polished finish that rivals salon results.

  • Maintain Healthy Growth: Regular filing with our nail blocks promotes healthy nail growth and prevents breakage.

Experience Double-Sided Convenience:

  • Two Grits in One: Enjoy the convenience of having two grits in one tool, eliminating the need for multiple files.

  • Thick Design for Lasting Use: Our thick nail file blocks provide ample filing surface, ensuring durability and value for money.

  • Ergonomic Rhombus Shape: The comfortable rhombus shape fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for easy control and precise filing.

Elevate your nail care routine and achieve salon-worthy nails at home with our double-sided nail file blocks. Order yours today and experience the difference!

Product Details:

  • Grit: S100/S80
  • Size: 18cm x 2.5cm
  • Quantity: 1 piece



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