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SKINDEL√öX Plasma Pen

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SKINDEL√öX Plasma Pen


One in a million moles are lucky enough to hold ‚Äėbeauty spot‚Äô status, but mostly, moles, warts, and skin tags are an inconvenience for one‚Äôs self-esteem. A blemish free complexion and aging without wrinkles are no longer just for the rich and famous.

plasma fibroblast lift

You can achieve the best, natural-looking results without going under the knife and without breaking the bank! Thousands of women are easily clearing away their skin imperfections and conditions in the comfort of their own home.

plasma pen by SKINDELUX


SKINDELÚX Plasma Pen is the leading, compact handheld device employing plasma technology for non-surgical skin rejuvenation, using proprietary ARC Technology as the key differentiator.

The plasma energy treatment takes less than an hour between numbing, treatment, and the beginning of the post-treatment experience. Combatting the visible sign of facial aging, as the plasma energy reacts with the air between the skin and the device, the result creates a purposeful outcome designed for skin rejuvenation that targets improvement in skin laxity, resurfacing texture and the appearance of fine lines with minimal downtime and maximum results.

plasma fibroblast before after


The   SKINDELÚX Plasma Pen treats:

  • Blepharoplasty¬†without surgery¬†to tighten the skin around your lower and upper eyelids;
  • Skin lesions¬†such as skin tags, moles, warts, fibromas, xanthelasmas, papillomas, and seborrheic keratoses;
  • Undesired¬†face wrinkles, including crow‚Äôs feet, frown lines, necklines, and smoker‚Äôs lines;
  • Pigmentation,¬†age spots¬†on the hands and face, melasmas, sunspots, freckles, and chloasmas;
  • Marks and scars¬†such as acne scars, stretch marks, post-surgery scars, and tattoos.

...and many more unwanted skin conditions!  

plasma pen fibroblast


  • Proven results from thousands of users
  • Precision technology to target skin defects at their root
  • Affordable professional-grade treatment
  • Safe to use at home
  • No fillers or risk of imbalance from over injections
  • Natural-looking results
  • Pain-free therapy

Discover what it’s like to have a beautifully clear complexion, uninterrupted by blemishes and fine lines!

Plasma Pen Elbow skin tightening

There are no other minimally-invasive treatments on the market that can truly and safely target the skin around the eyes and mouth with the efficacy needed to produce dramatic results like SKINDELÚX Plasma Pen.

Rest assured, each of the providers have been trained by Plasma Concepts and are qualified to perform the treatment. Although results are often noticeable once the initial healing process ends, the results will continue to develop as the new collagen and elastin are stimulated which can takes several weeks to months to see full results achieved by the first treatment.

plasma pen fibroblast therapy by SKINDELUX

Diminish the signs of facial aging ‚ÄĒ we call it the plasma perspective.

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