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Skin-Care Tools That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Skin-Care Tools That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Navigating the world of at-home skin-care tools is tough. You can't exactly take a pore extractor or microneedling device for a test run at Sephora the way you would a lipstick. And then, of course, there's the cost to factor in. (Do you really need to drop $300 on a wand to supercharge your serums? Eh, probably not.) But every so often a shiny new piece of technology shows up that does for skin care what the first iPod did for MP3s—it changes the game.

Obviously, the stakes are higher when it comes to your face (nobody ever broke out from spending $80 on an Alexa), so we rounded up every innovative, raved-about skin-care product we could find and asked Skin Delux staffers and a handful of skin-care professionals to answer the ultimate question: Is this thing worth the money? For the facial tools below, the answer was a resounding yes. From cheekbone-defining jade rollers to acne-clearing LED treatments to a device that seriously delivers the benefits of a face mask in 90 seconds, read on for the skin-care tools that'll truly change your complexion.

I'm officially obsessed with my Toning Device. I know this thing is expensive, but it really does what it promises—the microcurrent technology helps tone and tighten your face muscles while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I use my device for three to five minutes at night with my Sunday Riley Luna oil, and I can feel the effects of the microcurrents going to work immediately. —Azadeh Valanejad, video producer

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